New Sounds From The Lost And Found

New Sounds From the Lost and Found is a series of ambient recordings based on instruments that were either found on the street or salvaged from thrift stores, pawn shops, yard sales and other out of the way places. The first volume was made in 2004 and includes a vintage Yamaha Electone organ found on Pearson St. in Long Island City, New York. Later recordings include vintage synthesizers and drum machines as well as an electronic chord organ. These instruments all have their own eccentric and unique personalities.

Volume 6  recorded 2011

Volume 6 is in progress and will also include recordings from past commissions and pieces from theater and dance. These pieces are also being salvaged and recovered. The first being “Two” which was composed in 1995 as a commission from artist Helmut Lohr based on his re imagined and beautifully cut up copy of the score for Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony.

New Sounds From the Lost & Found: Volume 5 recorded 2010

 “New Sounds From The Lost And Found Volume 5 - $10, Shipping included!

Each track uses instruments that were either salvaged from thrift stores, yard sales or pawn shops as well as the vintage Yamaha organ that I found on the street in New York City. There are also a couple tracks that were built around some beautiful electronic music improvisations by John Levin. “Look Outside” is based on one of those improvisations. “Buttons” uses an electronic chord organ that only plays major triads.


New Sounds From the Lost & Found: Volume 4 recorded 2009

“New Sounds From The Lost And Found Volume 4 – $10, Shipping included!
Recorded in 2010, The 4th volume in the series ‘New Sounds From The Lost and Found” includes tracks played on a vintage Yamaha Electone organ made in 1974, found on the street in Long Island City, NY.



New Sounds From the Lost & Found: Volume 3 recorded 2008

“New Sounds From The Lost And Found Volume 3 - $10, Shipping included!

A while back I found an organ on the street in my neighborhood, Long Island City.  It’s the kind with built in beats like Rhumba, Samba, Jazz Rock 1, Jazz Rock 2.  This particular one has a feature called “Fun Blocks.”  Push a “Fun Block,” pick a key and the organ plays a note or chord in time with the chosen beat.  It’s got a great sound and has its own distinct personality and there’s no pretense about it.

This is the third CD I’ve made with it.  The music is spontaneous and very off the cuff.  there are usually no more than one or two takes.  Whenever I can steal a minute I try to come up with something using the organ, somehow, someway.  That’s the deal, I have to use the organ in the song.
That’s it, Volume 3.  12.08 New York City.


The track you are currently listening to is from “New Sounds… Volume 3.”

In Another Time by Pat Irwin