Music For Film Director Producer
“Pervertigo” Jaron Henrie-McCrea Shrihari Sathe
“Stags” Jamie Greenberg Ben Barenholtz
“Bam Bam and Celeste” Lorene Machado Margaret Cho/Salty Features
“Trekkies 2” (theme song) Roger Nygard Roger Nygard/Neo Art & Logic
“Personal Sergeant Anthony Orkin Chip Hourihan
“Drop Back Ten” Stacy Cochran Stacy Cochran
“But I’m A Cheerleader” Jamie Babbitt Andrea Sperling/Lions Gate
“24 Hour Woman” * Nancy Suvoca Rich Guay/Shooting Gallery
“Arresting Gena” Hanna Weyer Ted Hope/Good Machine
“Suits” Eric Weber Chris Giordono
“Colin Fitz” Robert Bella Robert Bella
“Breathing Room” John Sherman Tim Perrell/Eureka Pictures
“Sudden Manhattan” Adrienne Shelley Marsha Kirkly
“Heading Home” Maria Heretier Charlotte McKim
“My New Gun” Stacy Cochran Michael Flynn/I.R.S. Pictures *additional music


Music For Television Network
“Nurse Jackie” Showtime
“Bored to Death” HBO
“Class Of 3000” Cartoon Network
“My Gym Partner’s A Monkey” Cartoon Network (co composer, theme)
“The Groovenians” Cartoon Network (songs and theme)
“Pepper Ann” (animation) ABC/Walt Disney TV Animation
“A Little Curious” (animation) HBO
“Kablam!”/”Jet Cat” (animation) Nickelodeon
“Rocko’s Modern Life” (animation) Nickelodeon
“The Ruth Truth” Oxygen
“Captain Planet” (animation) TBS/Hanna Barbera
“Twisted Puppet Theater” (animation) Showtime
“The Paramour” American Movie Classics
“Tales From The Darkside” Laurel Entertainment


Music For Documentaries Director/Producer
“Fall to Grace” Alexandra Pelosi HBO
“Radiate” Jane Nisselson
“Trekkies 2” (Theme) Roger Nygard/New Art and Logic
“Nauru: The Island Planet” PBS/Jacques Cousteau
“An Astronauts View Of Earth” PBS (Nova)/WGBH
“I Talk To Animals” PBS/Peter Friedman
“Without Borders” Turner Broadcasting
“The Day Of 5 Billion” Turner Broadcasting


Music For Dance Choreographer
“6th Heaven” Stephen Petronio
“Java Jumping” Victoria Marks
“Fuori Del Muro” Pooh Kaye
“Active Graphics” Pooh Kaye
“Wind Shear” Margaret Eginton


Music for Theatre Director Venue
“Empires and Appetites” Theodora Skipitares Theater For The New City
“The Radiant City” Theodora Skipitares The Walker Art Center”
“Manual” Mark Andersen Seattle Reperatory Compan
“T-Venus” Julia Heyward Ohio Theater
“The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz” Pat Irwin Dance Theater Workshop